5 Decorative Sensing

You know that crush at first sight? Usually it happens when we unconsciously have all our senses connected to something or someone. Using the 5 senses in the decoration makes the customer get in tune with the spaces of your home.


VISION: We are dazzled by the world when we connect to the ambient. Shapes, light and colors transforms uninteresting spaces into unique environments where creative design brings back the interest in inhabiting it.


Smell: The aromas surround the atmosphere of the environment bringing personality and energy. Designing environments that exude pleasant smells, through natural plants or aromatic essences are great devices to involve people in the ambient in which they are markedly inserted.


PALADAR: Giving due value of the culinary and meal environments of the house is the same thing that promote the integration of the family, bringing harmony. Working with specific colors, images and smells. The idea is to use creativity so that the person can feel the taste before even tasting something.


HEARING: In decoration, this sense must be explored with a sensible perception and creativity. Hearing goes beyond music. It can be sharpened, for example, by cascades and the tinkling of wind chimes. In addition, there is also the possibility to explore the silence through projects that soften or block the external sound. Hearing and architecture always go together.


TATO: who does not love how the touch feel? There is a plenty of materials that can stimulate touch, such as coatings, textures, shapes, fabrics etc. When designing an environment, we should be concerned with making people feel comfortable where they step on, sit and touch. That brings warmth into the home.