Decoration Tendency

“Life asks for a little calmer, a house asks for a little more soul”


Due to the daily stress of society in general, human beings have increasingly sought shelter from the warmth of home with their families and friends to “RECHARGE ENERGY”.


Realizing this, we start to evaluate the importance of turning their homes into a place of RECONEXION AND BALANCE. And with this propitious environment, help the family achieve a state of peace and harmony.


We follow the decorating trends that change from year to year, being loyal of our principle. Style connected to wellness. We see the importance of comfort as our decorative compositions. Regardless of where a trend can lead. We care about fluid layouts, natural lighting, natural vent, soothing colors, vegetation, comfortable furniture.


Aromatherapy, candles and natural elements are always part of our decoration. All to create an atmosphere in harmony between nature and man.